Industry Leading Turnaround Time

Thanks to our partnership with FedEx, Bostwick Laboratories offers the most competitive turnaround times for patients awaiting test results.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Bostwick Laboratories is located just minutes from the central hub for FedEx. Our highly trained laboratory professionals and our dedicated logistics team work through the night to ensure patient biopsies are processed and delivered to our expert GU pathologists.

Dedicated GU Pathologists

Bostwick Laboratories is committed to delivering the highest quality diagnoses, made by dedicated GU pathologists.

Industry Leading Service

  • 48-hour turnaround time for histology results
  • 2 to 4 day turnaround time for cytology and molecular pathology results
  • Comprehensive managed care coverage
  • Photomicrographs available on all malignant reports and unusual cases
  • Immediate telephone access to the pathology staff
  • Access to results via EMR interfaces
  • Nationwide courier network


Bostwick Laboratories utilize the Hologic ThinPrep system. All specimens are reviewed by a GU pathologist or board certified cytopathologist. Please contact our client service department to ensure that you have the appropriate collection kits and shipping instructions for ThinPrep specimens.

Genetic Testing

A wide array of genetic testing is available to include:

  • ERG by IHC or FISH
  • PTEN Deletion by FISH
  • UroVysion Bladder FISH

If you have additional genetic testing needs, please contact our Client Service Department for additional support.


A comprehensive menu of immunohistochemical (IHC) markers and special stains are offered. These include such important stains as high molecular weight cytokeratin (HMW-CK), p63, racemace and c-myc.